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Nuno Salvada is a visual artist based in Portugal whose work mostly focuses on comics, illustration and animation.
Often exploring intersecting forms of expression and stories that dive into a character's personal psyche or world. In general they love trying new things and having fun!

Graduated with a Masters in Drawing at FBAUL (Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon) where they also studied for a Bachelors in the same field. Participated in the 2D Online Animation Course and the "From Storyboard to Animatic" Course at Gobelins Paris in 2023 and 2024 respectively. 
 During their teens years they were an avid participant of the "Amadora BD comics contest" winning various prizes, namely 1st place in 2014 and more recently participating in 2023.
-Ricky 2 (Suricata Editora, TBA)
- Galões Verdes, Marchas Forçadas e Outros Episódios... Vol.1 & 2 by Santiago "Pêla" Guimarães (2023)
- Ricky (Suricata Editora, Revised Edition, 2023)
- Ricky (Forum Estudante, 2021)
- Drawing Room Lisboa (SNBA, 2021)
- Prémio Ilustração: Lisboa Capital Verde 2020 (SNBA)
-2nd place at 15th Odemira National Comic Contest (2021)
-3rd place at the National Amadora BD Comic Festival Contest (2015)
-1st place at the National Amadora BD Comic Festival Contest (2014)
-3rd place at the National Amadora BD Comic Festival Contest (2013)

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